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"Thousands of Iranian Jews and their descendants owe their lives to a Muslim diplomat in wartime Paris, according to a new book. In The Lion's Shadow tells how Abdol-Hossein Sardari risked everything to help fellow Iranians escape the Nazis."
-- Brian Wheeler, BBC News Magazine

"A moving account of the role an Iranian diplomat played in the dark days in Europe during WWII; but the passion in telling the story transforms the work into more."
-- Dr William J. Olson, Distinguished Professor, National Defense University

"This fascinating book shines a light on an unknown subject. Iran, or Persia as it was known, hides in the tapestry of history giving glimpses of a gorgeous past rich with colour and culture. Most of us now know it more, sadly, for its intolerance, revolution and mullahs rather than its extraordinary history, poetry, artistry and its cultural tolerance. Taking a character, about whom little is known, and explaining his part in saving his contemporaries can be fraught with problems. Fariborz Mokhtari avoids much of this by providing us with a history lesson and context. This is a fascinating read."
-- Rear Party Armed Forces Friends and Family

"This book sheds light on the little known efforts by a representative of a Muslim regime to save Jews during WWII."
-- Association of Jewish Libraries Newsletter