In The Lion's Shadow

After the invasion of France in 1940, a junior Iranian diplomat, the aristocratic Abdol-Hossein Sardari, found himself in charge of Iran's legation in Paris, and set about cultivating relations with German and Vichy officials in order to protect the Iranian Jewish community, their friends and their associates. He met the Nazi racial purity laws head-on by resorting to his legal background and diplomatic prowess. Alongside the dramatic and romantic narrative of Sardari's life is the larger picture of the betrayal of Iran's neutrality by the Allies, the handing over to the Soviet Army the Axis diplomats and civilians working in Iran to be "interrogated severely." Contrary to repeated accusations, Iran did not favor the Nazis.  In the Lion's Shadow includes previously unpublished archival documents to show the extent of Sardari's efforts and the Iranian government's strict observance of neutrality to keep Iran out of the War, and to assist the War's innocent victims.

Abdol-Hossein Sardari

The Book

In the Lion's Shadow tells the tale of Abdol Hossein Sardari before, during and after the occupation of Paris by the German Armed Forces in World War II, detailing his efforts and the policies of the Iranian government.

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Although few photographs of Sardari exist today, he was an accomplished photographer in his own right. A number of photographs of the families he saved, the woman he loved, and the people who helped him save others, can be found here.

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